Started in 2003 and registered as a partnership firm in June 2006. We have been providing customized, cost effective and comprehensive solutions for Health and Wellness centers, five star Spas and sports facilities. Playing an active role in the planning, designing and establishing stages, we back it up with our efficient and expert management, maintenance and marketing services for individual, residential, commercial, as well as corporate and institutional clients.

We are Collaborative

Along with broader services our USP is that our services are Client specific and all our wellness programs are based on scientific consultation, objective assessment and customized solutions for realizing fitness goals, aiding injury prevention and recovery and effective stress management while addressing other related problems to ensure Holistic Wellness.


Our Method

We use techniques and skills from various disciplines by seamlessly incorporating and integrating exercises from Martial Arts, Yoga, Tai Chi, Ayurveda, Calisthenics and strength training etc.. and use Plyometric, Isometric, Isokinetic functional and evolutionary training methods and also try and infuse the benefits of Kick boxing, different dance forms and sporting and Adventure activities and multi discipline games into the overall system making it more accommodative, fluid and yet very simple, efficient and innovative.

Our Understanding

As no two individuals are alike and there cannot be a single solution for everybody’s wellness/fitness needs, we have tried building on a systematic approach to understand the requirements of the clients in accordance to their fitness levels and other parameters like, Age, gender, body type, lifestyle, work pattern, medical history and exercise background to device a specific program to cater to each individual or group body types and by primary stratification viz...Beginner, Regular and Advanced levels. And instead of limiting our focus on Fitness alone, we have tried to base it on a comprehensive and inclusive strategy by aligning the elements of:

1. Lifestyle Assessment, ergonomics and time management.

2. Fitness analysis, exercise modules for injury prevention, progressive and functional training

3. Improved Balance, specificity linked approach, increase in overall strength and stamina

4. Correct Posture, greater flexibility, better recovery and enhanced relaxation enabling positive energy flow and effective Stress management through coping skills and relaxation techniques.

Our Approach

Blending the Wisdom of the Orient (East) with the Scientific and pragmatic approach of the West, we adopt a “Client Specific Objective Oriented Approach” to wellness and fitness.


We are authorized distributors in India for the following products:


Fitness enthusiasts and rehabilitation experts worldwide with better fitness products that unite both components of human performance: the force you produce,and the speed at which you produce it.

Versa Climber

The VersaClimber is a phenomenal sport specific training tool to assist athletes in achieving their very specific fitness requirements

Vertex USA

Focus on bio-mechanics,range of movement,safety and overall user experience to make it the best fitness equipment range in the world.

DRAX Korea

Cardio Equipments - Non motorized treadmill,Incline treadmill,SpeedSync Treadmill and Bike Strength Equipments - Upper body,Lower body,Free weight and Group training equipments


To have a better way of providing fitness enthusiasts with the performance advantage of hand weights without the space and restrictions of old fashioned racks and dumbbells.


Offer a total range for sports centers, Personal Training studios, outdoor training such as Bootcamp, Fysiofitness and CrossFit® boxes. Quality and service are our top priority and through more than 30 years of experience in fitness we help you and advise you with the choices for the right products.



As no organization can rest on the laurels of a handful of individuals, however extraordinary, we realize that our strength lies in a cohesive and constant, yet dynamic core team who revel in each of their roles contributing to the better and efficient performance of the team. We have included experts from different disciplines all possessing one essential trait, the passion for Fitness/ Sports and Health, and combined it with the relentless spirit to pushing the limits when it comes to challenges and showing eagerness in learning new things, and being earnest in approach, apt in practice and ever prompt in their work.

We have our presence in these sectors:

Hospitality Industry.
Corporate / MNC’s.
High end Residential Villas & Apartment complexes.
Colleges, Schools and Institutions.
Resorts and Retreats
Health clubs and Spas


Provide in depth analysis, Design, procurement and Establishment support for Health Club, Fitness Center/Gym and Sports Complexes, we also do Swimming pools, Spas Wellness Retreats.


Design Support
Analysis- Parameters:
Equipment Procurement and support- Sports / Fitness / SPA, and fitness and wellness accessories as per budget.
Inspection, Compliance, Compatibility and Quality Checks and Setup.
Actual Placement and setup.
The Design and Layout also consists of documentation support.


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